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10 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

Do you have aspirations to start your own business in 2013? First time entrepreneurs may have a lot of unanswered questions. The 10 resources listed here are aimed at giving you a head start on entrepreneurship, startups, innovation, small business and much more.

The very first step in building an online presence is a website, but it can often seem like the most daunting challenge. Creating an attractive, effective website need not cost you much money.

1. WordPress – It is the favourite CMS for many startups and web designers alike. Free themes (templates for your website) are often a bit tacky, but decent premium themes are falling in price all the time – as well as increasing in quality. It’s a no brainer.

Having the opportunity to do business with people all over your country, and the wider world, can greatly increase an entrepreneur’s business growth.

1. Skype – Just about the best means to quickly, cheaply call or video call anyone in the world. There are no restrictions on the length of time you call someone else’s Skype account, and landline calls work out about as expensive as it would be if you were in the same country.

2. G+ Hangouts – The one drawback to Skype is that conference video calls are locked behind a premium account. This is where G+ Hangouts come into the equation. You can now also add regular phone calls to the conversation.

Time and Project Management
Productivity is the buzzword within the startup community. With such a large workload to get a company off the ground, using time effectively is essential to all aspects of life, social and professional.

1. Google Calendar – The staple calendar tool. The beauty with Google Calendar is how easy it is to use and the compatibility it has across all devices and OS’s. You can also share events with other Google users via email.

2. Vitalist – Getting Things Done is the motto Vitalist lives by. They’ve now built up an impressive user count proving the worth in their product. You can easily organise your projects and actions online.

There are just not enough hours in the day, nor enough people to do all the tasks required. Sooner rather than later you will need to look elsewhere to lighten the workload. Hiring Freelancers is easier than ever before. You can either go direct to the source or find agencies in the area you require who will look after everything for you.

1. Elance and oDesk – Possibly the two most recognised portals for hiring Freelancers. Each Freelancer is given ratings by their previous employers so it is easy to get an idea of the quality of work you can expect.

2. People Per Hour – A lesser known portal but very useful for hiring Freelancers for smaller, one off projects.

3. Agencies – Whatever department you are looking to cover – an agency will be happy to step in to take care of it for you. From Copywriting to Design, Business Planning – you name it.

Learning from those in the business of entrepreneurship is a must-do. It can also be very entertaining.

1. TechCrunch & Mashable – The big hitters in Startup news and Tech gossip. They’ve built up their reputation over many years, with hundreds of articles published every day. You’re first stop to get up to date with the world’s tech affairs.

2. Ted Talks on Entrepreneurship – If you’ve never seen a TED talk before, then you are in for a treat. Think of it as a series of the world’s best Lectures all about stuff going on today. Video archive on talks about entrepreneurship.

Are there any resources you think should be added to the list? Leave a comment below!

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