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3 Simple Ways to Secure your WiFi Against Hackers

Secure your Wifi in three easy steps. Most of us use the internet almost every day. And now, we can rarely see a wired internet connection since WiFi has been introduced. Wi-Fi is a wireless network that provides high-speed internet connections through the use of radio waves. The network that comes from the WiFi does not need any physical wire (ethernet cable) to connect the sender to the receiver.

Ways to Secure your WiFi

Do you know that WiFi can also be hacked? Not all of us are aware of this issue, but it is true. Once we set-up any wireless connection, we have to make sure that it is secure. Because everything can now be done with the use of technology. Even your security can be in danger when you do not know how to protect your network against unauthorized people.

How Does WiFi Hack

Internet or WiFi users are prone to danger. Hackers will always find a way to access your network and use your internet connection. Once an unauthorized user connected to your network, he can do everything like stream pirated shows and movies, steal your information, and change the configuration of your WiFi leaving the owner locked to his own access.

This hacking issue is not a new thing. It happens anytime, anywhere. So it is always better to know who and which devices are connected to your internet. Once you see any suspicious device, you can kick those people off your WiFi and try to secure your connection.

Start to Secure Your WiFi Now

Here are some of the things you can do to protect your wireless connection against hackers.

#1. Avoid telling other people your WiFi details

Do not share password

It is good to give, but it is a case to case basis. When it comes to an internet connection, you should not allow any other people (including your neighbours and friends) know the details of your WiFi. You may use a random name for your WiFi and not the default manufacturer’s name because it is easy to find login details online.

#2. Change the WiFi’s Password

Change Admin Password

The default password for most of the routers is “admin.” It is easy to guess that password especially when a hacker knows a lot about technology. After setting up your wireless network, you must change the admin password right away. Use a strong password which is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

That way, you can avoid unauthorized people to access your connection.

#3. Update the WiFi’s Firmware

Firmware Update

Keeping your firmware updated will prevent any security holes to be exploited. Updates can be done in a few months so you should always check your router or WiFi if there is an update available.

Sometimes, a firmware update might bring the router back to its default settings. After updating, double-check the settings including your login details to be secured.

In Conclusion

Those are the 3 easy steps on how you can secure your WiFi against hackers and any unauthorized logins. If you have question and concerns, you may leave them in the comment box below. We will try to help you with whatever we can. Also, if you know any other method on securing any wireless connection, please let us know and drop them in the comment section.

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