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8 Of The Best Startup Pitches

Are you planning to pitch your startup at an event or directly to investors? There is no better way to get a grip of a good pitch structure than by viewing previous successful startup pitches. We’ve collected together a selection of the best pitches on the Web.

1. Sam Altman pitches Loopt

Short and to the point. Sam shows confidence in his presentation and product giving the audience all the relevant information succinctly, no gimmicks attached.

2. Omar Hamoui pitches AdMob

Open with a joke to connect with who you’re pitching to. Take yourself too seriously and you may turn people off from working with you. Prove false assumptions wrong with strong statistics to prove the value of your proposition.

3. Evan Williams talks about Twitter at TED

Sell the story of your and the company’s journey. Twitter started as a side project and surprised the creators with its lure. Evan is completely relaxed on stage and takes his time over every point.

4. Kevin Rose demos Digg

Energy flowing through Kevin and into every viewer watching his pitch. Using the framework of explaining the concept to a physical person involved in the pitch who can ask the questions on behalf of the audience.

5. Michael Pritchard demos Lifesaver

On a mission to make the world a better place? Michael does a great job of pulling on the heart strings, bringing home a message which is too easy to ignore. This is a product of his passion and he lets everyone know.

6. SoMoLend demoed in 2012

Using fictional ‘real life’ examples to explain situations in which their product is essential. This is an effective tool so long as the fictional character is easy to relate to for your specific audience.

7. ZocDoc demoed at TechCrunch40

Identify a problem everyone has experienced at least once in their life. This is especially good when it is a point of irritation for most people, then move to show how your service solves this.

8. Klash

Match your pitch with the identity of your product. With the aim of making life more fun, Klash successfully marries the core message of the product and the tone of their pitch. Make people laugh and it is difficult not to be on your side!

Do you have any suggestions for Startup pitches which should be added to this list? Leave a reply in the comments section below.

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