About Us

Welcome To The Founders Hive !! 

We are an advisory firm for startups, composed of passionate partners who are participants in the startup and tech industry and want to help founders that are on their way to build world class companies.

We aim to support startups and empower founders of great ideas from an early stage to accelerate their growth. We have partnered with industry experts and leaders in order to deliver a reliable service, devised by founders for founders.

We focus on Concept Development, Branding, Operations, Financing and Project Management.

        Sean Obedih

The Founders Hive was founded by Sean Obedih in 2012 out of personal frustration. After graduating from the University of Buckingham he could not find the right co-founders for his start-up businesses and wished to do something about that process. The status quo was that unless you belong to accelerators, certain clubs, went to certain schools or mingled with certain crowds, your chances of finding good talent was limited. Sean then shared his idea with another entrepreneur, Emmanuel Ruhumuliza, to develop the concept, refine the idea and launch the model. The business has now evolved into an advisory firm for founders and early stage startups.

The team continues to grow, with plans of extending The Founders Hive’s reach.