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Events with The Founders’ Hive

Are you looking for the chance to demonstrate your startup to influencers, investors and potential co-founders? The Founders’ Hive team look to provide exactly that opportunity through our monthly events, and new annual events.

Our monthly Minimum Viable Product (MVP) events have attracted more than 800 attendees in London and Birmingham, where 75 startups have had the opportunity to pitch and demo their companies.

A number have successfully met co-founders amongst the attendees, Table Crowd, Job in a Second and have hugely impressed with their pitches and Sorted went on to join Oxygen Accelerator.

Our Promise

We promise that no startup will ever have to pay to demo or pitch their product or company at any of our events. Through the development of the concept of our events, we decided that the best approach is to invite startups to pitch or demo their company completely free of charge.

This frees up the playing field for all startups, those with cash and those who are bootstrapping their way to the top. All are encouraged to apply and attend, whatever their particular goal. We will do all we can to provide the best environment for networking, funding and team forming potential.

We currently have a high-rate of participants who return to our events, which we believe speaks volumes for the approach we now have. We aim to provide a positive feedback and networking environment for startups.

The Future

The culmination of our experience and expressed interest from startups and investors Europe-wide has led to the creation of Viable Tech Summit. Its aim is to unify the dispersed sections of Europe’s seed-stage startup scene.

Our goal is to showcasing Europe’s best seed-stage startups within an environment that provides plentiful chances to network with influential figures, including investors and the press.

We want to ensure that no exciting, potentially high-growth, high-impact startup slip through the net of Europe’s scattered startup scene. Find out more about VTS 2013 here.


Our monthly MVP events will never charge startups to pitch. There is no event without startups pitching. The Viable Tech Summit in April will adhere to the standard industry practice and charge attendees and not startups.

We take an iteration approach to our event organising. Each aimed to be better than the last.

To keep up to date with The Founders’ Hive events on our website. If you have any questions regarding our events, email us at or Tweet with us @TheFoundersHive

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