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Founders Tale: Sponsorshive

Sponsorshive existed as an excited conversation by two people frustrated by the difficulties faced by event organisers in securing sponsorship.

Realising that sponsors faced an equally difficult task to find suitable events to reach specific audiences, they decided to build an online platform to match events with sponsors.

Having successfully built the platform, gained interest from brands and event organisers alike, Sponsorshive already has a significant number of beta users and a successfully proven concept under its belt.

The First in the new series, Founder’s Tale, Sean Obedih, founder of The Founders Hive, describes how meeting the right co-founder enabled them both to quickly and successfully launch an exciting, new online platform.

Q: Where did the idea for Sponsorshive come from?

A: ‘I had been working on this project for a while but it was always on the back burner because I was concentrating on building up The Founders Hive. The biggest challenge I have faced is in securing sponsorship for our events.’

‘There just wasn’t a simplified way to let sponsors know about our events, so naturally the field for interest is narrowed. Eventually, the claxon blared in my mind and I thought to myself: Enough is enough’

‘I managed to secure a small sponsorship amount from an accountant who came to our events frequently and that’s when I realised that if we could create a platform that allows both small and large businesses to sponsor events and reach micro segments, we would be on to a winner.’

Q: Once you had the idea, what did you do next?

A: ‘Everyone I spoke to about the idea gave me positive feedback. I even received an investment offer before it was built and that’s when I knew that I had something special on my hands.’

‘It was at this point that I was fortunate enough to meet a young talented developer called Ramario Depass who had presented a very clever app at one of our MVP Demo days. I explained what I wanted to do and it clicked with him straight away.’

‘Collaboration, as I always say, is vital to success in the startup scene. Working with Romario has been fantastic. We compliment each other’s abilities and share the vision for the product. We immediately got to work, and the rest as they say is history.’

Q: What has been the response to the launch of Sponsorshive?

A: ‘It’s been nothing short of astounding. Within 24 hours we had events listed with a combined value of well over £20,000 giving us a solid validation for our Minimum Viable Product and that our service is needed.’

‘This is without any marketing apart from a few links we posted across our social platforms. We were also recently featured on and we had over 250 people sign up for our beta.’

‘We have made fantastic progress within the last few weeks and even started to secure clients,one of them is Popchips who we worked together with for an event, distributing more than 300 packets of Popchips, exposing their brand to a new audience.’

Q: Do you have competitors? What makes Sponsorshive different?

A: ‘If you take a look at Sponsorfied and SponsorHub in the US, and The UK Sponsorship Database, you can see that these are all services looking to bridge the gap between event organisers and sponsors.’

‘However, none of them are focusing on social. The behaviour of event attendees has changed over the past few years with greater numbers now interacting with one form of mobile device whilst they are there.’

‘We want to delve into the data that is produced before, during and after each event by social/mobile users. The events management app industry are starting to engage with the audience, giving us confidence that technology exists today to realise our goal, though we are approaching the problem from a sponsor’s point of view.’

When you focus on sponsors as an investor we begin to see what information is useful in this social age. There are many opportunities we are able to create, in embedding brand’s messages, enabling interactions with specific audiences and adapting everything in real time whilst generating reports. It’s a very exciting field to be involved with.’

Q: What is your next move?

A: ‘Our goal is to improve the product over the next few weeks and get more events organisers, brands, marketing managers and agencies to use our platform.’

‘There are a few more events already in the pipeline that I can’t mention at the moment but it looks promising.’

Look out for more updates on Founders Tale as we keep up with all the developments of Sponsorshive and other innovative European startups.

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