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Founding The Founder’s Hive

It has been a challenging, exciting road that has led our team and The Founder’s Hive to where we are now. We are finally in a position to lead the new wave of Peer to Peer Incubation which we believe is the future of tech entrepreneurship.

It is important that anyone seeking to work with us knows a little about our history and the vision we have for The Founder’s Hive. As the principal Founder I would like to take the opportunity to share the story so far.


Business has been my interest since the tender age of 10, but it took some time and experience before I realised that innovation excited me more than selling someone else’s creations.

In 2007 I put theory into practice with my first venture, a brand of skin toned first aid products (Ynotplasti). This experience taught me the value of problem solving in new business which has become the main driving force behind The Founder’s Hive.

The idea for The Founder’s Hive did not immediately appear in my mind, as good ideas rarely do, but instead required a series of events which led me to a natural conclusion.

Entrepreneurs First is a programme which selects graduates from the UK to help build Startups. I applied but narrowly missed out on a placement because the app I wanted to build hadn’t been built yet.

The problem was that finding the right co-founder was an almost impossible task. I realised that if I faced this problem, the likelihood is that I am not alone. I therefore set to addressing the problem with a platform to enable co-founders to connect.

Pieces of the Puzzle

It did not take long before it became obvious that simply meeting co-founders was only a part of the puzzle. Startup incubators and accelerators are limited in supply, meaning countless Startups never have the chance to get off the ground.

They fail simply due to a lack of advice or mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs, a lack of skilled team members and a lack of funding opportunities.

A Peer to Peer incubator is the solution for that problem. Collaborative consumption is the way forward and should also apply to Startup creation.

The Founder’s Hive needed to develop from a way to connect to a way to supply everything the common entrepreneur lacks with their first Startup.

Our Exciting Team

We have formed an exciting team around this concept to drive The Founder’s Hive through constant iterations, taking it from early development through to the stage where we are confident that we can deliver the services budding entrepreneurs need for high growth Startups.

As with all lean Startups, sponsorship remains a challenge, but with new stability of structures in place we are more able than ever to tackle such issues.

The Vision is to democratise tech innovation by helping game changing ideas/products/services come to market in the form of high growth Startups.

Our premise is built on three pillars: Collaboration, Community and Capital, meaning we are focused on building partnerships that will enable us achieve that goal.

The Founder’s Hive is for creative people, bursting with ideas who, given the right team and advice, wants to turn ideas in reality. It is for developers seeking exciting projects and a positive environment to solve complex problems.

We can provide this for you. There are opportunities to be grasped with both hands to change the world we live in for the better through innovation. I didn’t know that when I was 10, but I do now.

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