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How to Increase Jiofi Speed -Quick Hacks

If you are thinking about how to increase JioFi speed, the best place to start would be to ensure that your network is not congested at all times. The Jio network is unique in that it is wireless and therefore provides high-speedspeed internet connectivity through GSM technology. This is great as people who are always on the go should never miss out on the convenience and affordability that the Jio offers. But if your network is congested, it could make the entire experience a lot slower.

How To Get Started

One of the best ways that you can increase Jio speed is by ensuring that your network has as few connections as possible. This will give Jio a fair idea about how many people are actually connected to your network and will enable the network to take the necessary measures to reduce congestion. Once your network is clear of any congestion, the Jio system will be able to deliver higher speeds to all users of the network. You might also want to read about jiofi local html login and change jiofi password & wifi name.

Another way that you can increase Jio speed is by making sure that you have sufficient bandwidth and speed. Most of the time, people tend to install several more connections onto their wireless network simply because they are using the net to surf the net for entertainment purposes. But this is one of the biggest causes for their network becoming congested. Thus, make sure that you limit your network connections to as few as you need so that the Jio system will be able to deliver the best performance.

Some Alternatives

Another way that you can improve Jio speed is to ensure that you are always using the Wi-Fi network that the Jio system supports. This is because in many cases, people do not use the available signal in the area where they are currently living, which could result in a congested network. So instead of going with your cell phone, make sure to use your GPRS connection in order to have a clear network.

A second way that you can increase Jio speed is to check whether there are any other devices in your house that are also connecting to the network. In most cases, you will see that your phone connects to the Jio system, but this will not be enough. If there are other devices in the home that are not connected, it may cause problems when trying to connect to the internet. Therefore, make sure that you disconnect these devices as well. You can know more about it on jio official website.


These ways are just a few of the many that you can try if you are wondering how to increase Jiofi speed. If none of these methods work, then you might want to make sure that you have a good broadband connection from a reliable provider. There are many ways that you can get high-speed internet connection, but none of them are free and thus you have to spend some money to get this connectivity. Thus, try these tips out if you want to know how to increase Jio speed.


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