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What is a Peer to Peer Incubator and who needs it?

Over the past few year there has been a change in the startupsphere and Incubators and accelerators have become part of the process of founding a high growth tech startup. Last year Wired Magazine wrote an interesting article called After the tech incubator bubble but the best and the oldest of them all is Idealab.

These instruments of change have changed the way companies are started and have served the Investment community well since they help to put a spotlight on some companies that would never get a chance to secure an appointment with Investors let alone secure an Investment round.

So it begs the question who on earth needs another accelerator or Incubator? well the answer is that we believe that even though these institutions are essential to the growth of the ecosystem,they are not for everybody and they are very strict,in essence they only serve the 1% of startups,so how about the 99% and who cares about them? We started Foundershive with a mission to help entrepreneurs execute their ideas better and find partners that become the catalyst of their business growth and this allowed us to see even great entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas but 75% were looking for a co-founder and more often than not it was a technical co-founder;everyone seems to be looking for a developer and that is why we think enrolling for one of the short courses provided by the Makers Academy would be of great help to many people.

We believe that Peer to Peer Incubation will be another solution to this problem,it is simple,you have an idea that you have been working on or you had it recently and you need a team and investment to make that idea a reality,this can take up to 36 months with a lot of headache and sometimes heartache not to mention financial ruin,alternatively you can submit your idea to us and we will put it up for the public vote,using agile and lean methodology we will form a team of experts and build a Minimum viable product then launch the product,everybody gets a share of the newly formed company and we everybody is happy,see how it works and feel free to submit your idea to

Like it has been said before ideas aren’t the most important part of a great business,it is the execution that matters the most.

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